E-OS Controller

E-OS Controller is the component for launching and managing autonomous drone flights.

E-OS Controller monitors the flight status of drones, controls and supervises the interactive handling of individual drone flights.

E-OS Controller visualizes drone flight paths in virtual 3D landscape models, displays the drone's geoposition and video data (RGB, IR) in real-time and stores them for later access.

E-OS Drone

E-OS Drone is a quad or octocopter modified by CPA, depending on the application. Its maximum flight time is up to 40 minutes. E-OS Drone can handle payloads of up to 2 kg and can be used at higher wind speeds and a range of up to 15 kilometers.

E-OS Drone features an RGB and Flir thermal camera. E-OS Drone communicates with E-OS Controller via the Internet. Mutual identification of E-OS Drone and E-OS Controller as well as data transfer are encrypted.

E-OS Box

E-OS Box is the weatherproof base station for the E-OS Drone.

The E-OS Box constantly determines the stationary weather data and automatically charges the drone with the required electrical power.

E-OS Box serves as a fully automated launch and landing platform for the drone. E-OS Drone is in encrypted connection with the E-OS Controller when launched.

E-OS Planner

E-OS Planner is the tool for planning and simulating the flights of one or several E-OS Drones.

E-OS Planner works on the basis of virtual 3D landscape models (CityGML). In these 3D models, all parameters of E-OS Drone flights are defined and subjected to risk management by means of a flight simulation.

E-OS Controller uses the flight routes verified in this way to launch the drone flights.


E-OS AI is the AI component of E-OS. The RGB and thermal images acquired by E-OS Drone are analyzed in real time with respect to the occurrence of certain object features (people, vehicles, etc.), which are immediately marked in the E-OS Drone video stream.

E-OS Controller stores the video segments identified by E-OS AI and organizes the video archive based on the object features found.